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The orders also consider people criminals even if they have not been convicted of a crime and gives greater discretion to immigration officers to decide who to deport. She was convicted of criminal impersonation for using a fake Social Security number to work while illegally in the U. Her attorney said to his knowledge there was not a victim in her case who claimed the number.

Her attorney said a decision in a lawsuit challenging Arpaio's tactics used for raids should have kept immigration officials from using against his client the I-9 employment form she had filled out. But Ybarra said he has been unable to get information about the case from ICE. He said the family knew it was a possibility that she could be detained, but she took the chance anyway.

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The statement issued by ICE, a part of the Department of Homeland Security, said her case underwent multiple reviews in the immigration system, including the Board of Appeals, "and the judges held she did not have a legal basis to remain in the U. ICE said it would continue focusing on individuals with felony convictions who have final orders of removal. Former President Barack Obama had attempted to allow parents of U. But Republicans opposed the action and sued, bogging the program down in the courts.

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Obama's deportation policies also were criticized, but Carlos Garcia, director of Puente Arizona, said what is happening now appears to be an escalation. Activists are warning others who may also have such regular contact with ICE to beware. The office of Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. Today, there are more than 55 million Latinos in the U. But a longstanding gap remains between Latinos who can vote and those who will.

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At the same time, several factors may keep Latinos away — or at least prevent the electorate from reaching its full potential — this November. Some candidates neglect this segment of the population. States have implemented new voting restrictions, creating barriers for both registration and voting. Latino voter registration efforts got a later start. And millennials, who tend to stay away from the polls, make up nearly half the eligible Latino electorate.

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And almost a quarter live in poverty. No one can say for certain when Latino voter turnout will surge, but Garcia said it eventually will. On Feb. Latino business owners, employees and advocates were protesting two bills — one of which would prevent voters from using a city-issued ID to vote. Benjamin Marquez, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, called the protest a success based on the sheer size of the rally. Census data. His employees mix feed, scrape stalls and lay fresh bedding for the cows.

And most important, they milk the cows. At least two-thirds of his workers are Latino, he said. Latinos make up about 16 percent of the American workforce, according to statistics from the U.

Will Latino loathing of Trump drive a voter movement to swing the election?

Bureau of Labor Statistics. They hold more jobs in agriculture, construction and maintenance than any other group. Yet, Hispanics earn less than other workers. Congress Joint Economic Committee. Experts predict tight races in states such as Florida, Nevada and Colorado this November. According to Pew numbers, Latino voters make up 15 percent or more in those three battleground states — so Latino turnout could prove the strength of the voting bloc there. Alma Marquez, founder and president of a communications and public affairs firm that focuses on education-related issues and political and civic engagement, said Latinos are often portrayed as apathetic because of their low voter turnout.

They said other factors keep Latinos away from the polls, including cynicism, unfamiliarity with voting and language barriers. The Milwaukee resident said when the U. S citizens legal presence - it discouraged the Latino community. History suggests why Latinos may feel this way. Since the U. The vast majority of Mexicans living in the territories became U. Many could not buy real estate. Mexican-Americans were not allowed to learn English, which disenfranchised them.

David Castorena told News21 that disillusionment will keep him from voting. Marquez said she remembers going with her mother to vote at the neighborhood fire station in southeast Los Angeles when she was young. Her mother, a staunch Democrat, voted in every election. It was clear to Marquez, now 42, that voting was important, especially when members of the community who were immigrants could not voice their concerns. About 15 percent of Latinos speak limited English, according to data from the U.

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The Hispanic population just about mirrors the nation as a whole at about 16 percent, and the majority of those residents speak English well. The residents are mostly immigrants from the Dominican Republic. The smell of pastelitos wafts from corner-store colmados, and the lilt of island-Spanish rings through the streets.

Neighborhood advocates said the language barrier has proven problematic for voters. They trained as poll watchers to keep an eye out for problems. In both and , coalition members say they saw and heard about problems at the polls.

Unarmed man begs for life, shot by police

One translator, who works for the nonprofit, said police officers held her in a room because she was disturbing the voting process by asking voters if they wanted help. Since the last election, community leaders and residents of the Point have brought their issues to the Salem City Council, and they said relations are improving. The mayor and the police chief have agreed to work with Latinos to increase access at the polls. But the Salem city clerk, who runs elections, refused to sign a memorandum they drafted asking for extra training for poll workers and more bilingual resources, among other things.

How Latinos Are Shaping America’s Future

Campaigns and political groups often base their voter outreach efforts on certain attributes, such as voting history and economic status. Sergio Arellano, the field director for Hispanic initiatives for the Arizona Republican Party, said Latinos have not only been disenfranchised by the GOP, the Democratic Party has neglected them as well.

They said separating the electorate into racial groups was unproductive and unpatriotic. Doug Ducey said. Traditionally, Latinos vote more heavily Democratic than Republican. And Clinton hired the president of the Latino Victory Project, a group with a mission to get more Latinos politically engaged, as her deputy director of voter outreach and mobilization.

Some legislative requirements forvoter registration and photo voter identification at the pollsalso may limit Latino voting. NALEO indicated that nearly 8 million eligible Latino voters across the nation live in places that used to be covered under a key provision of the Voting Rights Act that had required states and jurisdictions with a history of discrimination to obtain U.